Therapy for Therapists

Online Counseling for Therapists

Guys, let’s face it. Our job is hard. One perceived idea is because we are therapists, we have it all together. Right?! 

It can be agonizing for a client to select a therapist but I know very well we spend a lot more time and are way more selective on who WE choose to be OUR therapist. 

After a long day at the office taking care of everyone else, we go home and face the other half of our lives where we aren’t allowed to feel stress or have breakdowns. When we do show the “big” emotions, we often feel invalidated by our loved ones which brings on lots of shame storms, unhealthy habits and a rocky road to burnout. 

I believe in normalizing therapy for therapists. It sucks to feel like a shitty parent. It can feel like the end of the world if you are contemplating divorce or struggle to connect with your partner. So often, we want to hide our own struggles out of shame. We all go through phases of life where we got to where we wanted to be and realized it’s not at all what we wanted. We find ourselves feeling lost and alone. 

My superpower is helping you connect all the dots. I help you find the core reasons you don’t feel like enough and discover what you need to have a more fulfilling life. 

Therapists should not feel afraid to reach out when life gets hard

We absolutely cannot see our own stuff! 

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Online Therapy for Therapists

I work with therapy students, newly licensed therapists and seasoned therapists. I understand there are different stressors that come at each of these stages in our careers. 

Therapists in training have a lot of fears and frustrations come up during their graduate studies. It is an emotionally exhausting process while trying to learn and taking a deeper look at our core selves. There is a shift in our emotions as we develop deeper empathy. We become more aware of our own behaviors or of our family members. It isn’t uncommon to become unsatisfied with our partner or angry with a family member. We all went into graduate school thinking we were pretty emotionally stable, only to uncover the heartaches as we dive deeper into the program. Therapists in training need and deserve a safe space to reflect and process these changes. 

Newly licensed therapists struggle with work-life balance and a lot of imposter syndrome. There is a significant amount of stress when finally getting into the field and realizing how unprepared we were after all those years of school. Supervision is helpful at processing what is going on at the office but we rarely create space for ourselves to process the personal transference that may be coming up. It is so important to step away from the shame of not having it all together and reaching out for your own personal support. 

Seasoned therapists struggle a lot with burnout. Over the years of hearing so many traumatic stories, it is oftentimes difficult to continue processing and self-care becomes a thing of the past. We find ourselves so emotionally exhausted that there is no energy left to have those much needed conversations with our family members. I have no problem holding you accountable because we all know we cannot pour from an empty cup. Your internal struggles may be work or family related, but regardless, I have your back. I can help you make sense of the unknown territory you have found yourself in and normalize that process for you. 

This is an opportunity for you to just be you. 

You don’t have to put on your therapy hat, hide your true feelings or pretend you have it all together. Trust me, I have been there and I get it. We all want to be seen with compassion and understanding regardless of our training or skills. We are human and all have those chapters where we are not sure what direction to take in life.  

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Online Help for Therapists

A major concern when a helper is seeking help is trying to find someone outside of their professional network. Due to working 100% online and being licensed in four states, it is very doubtful we will ever show up at the same CEU event if you know what I mean. 

I make therapy simple and convenient with my online platform and flexible hours. 

We can easily meet in the middle of your work day from your office so it does not disrupt your schedule. 

Let me help you find as much joy in your own life as you do in your therapy office. It is crucial to avoid compassion fatigue and everyone needs an outlet from time to time. You deserve the same life satisfaction as you work so hard to help your client’s find. 

It is my goal for you to believe in yourself as much as you believe in your clients.

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