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Hypnotherapy is a game changer in the world of healing. This treatment is hardcore and for those who are truly ready to make changes in their lives.

When we are born, our mind is a blank slate that is then developed based on every life experience we have. Each event leaves an imprint and changes how we feel, think, and behave in the world.

When clients seek out therapy, the damage was typically done years ago. However, that damage represents as a current event on the conscious mind.

There is so much going on backstage in our brain. Hypnotherapy accesses your subconscious so that we can discover the underlying source of your symptoms.

Studies have shown that identifying those difficult and sometimes traumatic moments in our life is the first step of healing. The damage remains embedded in our minds and continues to work through our individual thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Hypnotherapy allows for permanent change. It is an opportunity for you to rewrite those difficult life events in a way that is comfortable and acceptable to you.

I often describe hypnotherapy as “emotional surgery.” It is going to be painful and the follow-up month may be difficult, but we have to look at the end goal for you. Hypnotherapy is a method that has the power to allow you to transform your life, which makes the hard work worth it!

A common fear is losing control or me training you to cluck like a chicken. Neither of these things happens. The client is in full control, and my job at Coastal Counseling is to help you reach your subconscious mind and then facilitate based on your individual needs.

I have used hypnotherapy to successfully address the following issues:

⦁ Identify underlying sources of depression or anxiety
⦁ Improve quality of sleep
⦁ Identify and correct phobias
⦁ Find missing items
⦁ Deal with anger or aggression
⦁ Process physical, emotional, or sexual trauma
⦁ Process the termination of a relationship
⦁ Understand work dissatisfaction
⦁ Birth trauma
⦁ Explanation of a specific nightmare
⦁ Improve reading and comprehension abilities
⦁ Improve quality of a relationship
⦁ Dissolve unwanted patterns of behavior
⦁ Retrieve repressed memories
⦁ Appropriate grief processing

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Hypnotherapy can be equivalent to months or years of therapy. It is always my recommendation when someone feels “stuck” and has already tried everything else without the results they want. Hypnotherapy addresses programmed opinions, self-defeating beliefs and negative behaviors that are hardwired within you.

Are you scared to try it? No need! I am here to tell you that you already experience this state multiple times per day. Have you ever driven somewhere almost on auto-pilot, realizing you don’t remember much about the trip? That was a form of hypnosis!

There is lots of stigma based on the way hypnosis has been portrayed in books and on television. Have you ever seen one of those Vegas hypnotist shows where everyone is running around doing ridiculous things? 

Clinical hypnotherapy is very different and is more purposeful. Hypnotherapy heightens our self-awareness as well as awareness for our surroundings. Everything you consciously know at this moment is approximately 10% of your brain capacity. When utilizing hypnotherapy, you can gain access to another 50-ish percent of your brain. 

In our sessions at Coastal Counseling, you will be able to clearly identify and recall specific events in your life that you have not thought about in decades or maybe have no recollection of at all. Hypnotherapy will assist in dissolution of negative programming and the installation of new beliefs, feelings, or behaviors. 

During the session, you can operate your mind much in the same way similar to a computer, by filing away unwanted behaviors or feelings, or by hitting the delete button on that self defeating belief system. Together, we will write new core life principals so you can live to your fullest potential. 

Are you ready for the key to unlock the door that leads to a unique healing path?

You have been stuck long enough. Email me today to set up your initial Coastal Counseling visit. We will do an intake, assess your symptoms, and identify clinical strategies to get you on the highway of life. We can begin your hypnotherapy as early as the second session! 

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