Childhood Emotional Neglect

Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN) Counseling: The Cycle Breaker

Welcome to the dedicated space to talk anything and everything in connection to childhood emotional neglect and family dysfunction.

Childhood emotional neglect (CEN) is a term coined by Jonice Webb to evaluate more of what didn’t happen than what did happen. 

Client’s frequently show up feeling broken, lost, inadequate or defective. Therapy assists with shifting this perspective from invisible wounds to acknowledgement. We are not here to play the blame game on our families. The purpose of this work is to first get you stable and then in route to your ideal life. 

My therapy approach is to help you learn to gain understanding of why your life is so messy and how to operate differently on the daily. We will be reviewing your romantic relationship, kids, family, friends, work, and everything else in between.

Every interaction we have had since the day we were born has shaped us into the humans that we are. A specialist in family dysfunction helps us see our blindspots of things that appeared “normal” but were actually detrimental to our self worth. 

CEN clients typically show up with depression, anxiety, low self worth, codependency, and people pleasing. Clients who are unaware of CEN typically report they had “an okay childhood” but just can’t seem to get their life together.

My therapy ninja skills include:

  1. Playing hardcore detective (to help us both understand what is going on behind the scenes)
  2. Dot connecting (reminding you of what you said three months ago and how it is showing up again in a different way)
  3. Theme catching (I believe humans really only have a couple of problems that look different at the surface level)
  4. Building authenticity (no more hiding who you are or what you need). You will learn to think and act for yourself.

In order to get you to show up as a real human, I first must be a real human. I call this modeling. Therapists tend to be these mystical creatures who nod their head and you really have no idea who they are or what they think. This does not work with adults struggling from childhood emotional neglect. 

When we grew up in dubious environments where we weren’t sure of anything, the last thing we need is to feel that way in therapy

So I present to you: A therapist who shows up as a whole/real person. There is no guessing, no sugar coating, and certainly no mysterious conversations where you have no idea what I am actually thinking. But there will be cussing, authenticity, and maybe for the first time in your life, this mystifying experience that someone does truly understand you and have your back. 


Are you ready to pave a new path and help shift societal norms to maximize us as humans?

Therapy with me gets to the core of what is really going on which makes it different than a lot of therapy modalities where the experience is to stay at the surface level. There is a bazillion resources involved in this process that will be provided to you between sessions as well. 

Are you ready to embark on a challenging yet rewarding journey of self discovery? With our work together, you receive the benefit of over a decade of specialized training in attachment and the “okay” childhoods.

Just a few decades ago, everyone thought the entire role of parenting was to “teach kids to behave”. Slowly over time, research has shown it takes much more than teaching them to behave to help them becomes successful and confident members of society. 

Let’s face it, trauma travels. When we spend time looking back on our family history, we probably had it better than our parents, who had it better than their parents. Everyone is just sort of “getting by”. I don’t want you to just “get by”. We will dissect your family culture and help you find the bigger meaning to happiness. 

Everything else in life is getting upgraded: cell phones, gaming systems, AI. We as humans are also upgrading; however it does take some work to become that Updated Version. And guess what, there will always be another update but I help teach you to do the ongoing work on your own.

Our performance was oftentimes created by the interpretation of a child, our inner child. In therapy, we will spend some time getting to know your inner child and inner teen. A lot of the work is learning how to show up for those younger parts of you. This may be the first time anyone has ever shown up for them, and they deserve it. 

As long as you continue to ignore their internal cries, your life will remain a wreck. Healing comes when they feel loved and heard.  

This work goes much deeper than just you. This is about our societal future and building emotional intimacy with the people in our lives. 

At the end of the day, we all want the same thing: Connection.


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CEN Therapy: Breaking free from our internal prison

Years ago, I realized the majority of society was still in denial of what was truly going on. We are becoming stronger every day. Humans are awakening and see the value of emotional intelligence. 

We are very programmed to protect our families to the highest degree, and in return, we deny our own needs/values/experiences. I cannot stress enough that this work isn’t about putting blame on anyone. This process is about helping you find yourself: authenticity, connections, and security. 

I could see the societal patterns and themes but we weren’t ready to go there. People were locked in their house for a year during the pandemic and had nothing else to do than to take a hard look at themselves. This is where everything began to change. Online therapy became a thing and it got to the point where going to therapy was the “cool” thing to do. 

Decades ago, if we needed to send a message, it was by letter and waited a week for it to arrive to the person. There are so many resources now teaches us how to be emotionally intelligent. How to have boundaries and how to be authentic. 

Society has shifted so much that we are being more open now about those invisible scars. As an advocate for this work and over a decade of experience, people are no longer running away from these conversations. Now I receive emails every week asking for help with childhood emotional neglect. 

This work will be very challenging yet rewarding to finally connect with yourself. The goal is to remove any feelings of guilt and shame and to show up daily with confidence and authenticity. Just picture me out there with you in the John Deere tractor helping you pave your way to emotional freedom. With attachment work, you can create your own path of existence. 

No two stories are the same. You are the expert of your life, your therapist is just the compass. Together we will review boundaries and determine what is best for your specific situation on how to handle life moving forward. We will continue troubleshooting until everything functions and you are operating at max capacity. 

My purpose on this planet is to break as many cycles as possible so that our future generations can grow up with confidence and show up genuine.

With this work, it is so important to go with a specialist in attachment and who truly understands where you are coming from and where you want to go. 

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