I work 100% online.

Sessions are by appointment only.  Due to demand, I have limited availability. It is recommended you reach out to inquire if our schedules can match before scheduling a consultation.

A “therapy hour” means 50-55 minutes. I also offer 25 and 80 minute sessions. Please inquire on pricing and discuss needs during your free consultation.

It is important to acknowledge therapy is an investment in yourself and your life long well-being.
My session fee is $170 for 50 minutes or $250 for 80 minutes (recommended hypnotherapy sessions). 
Payment is required at the time of service. 

I accepted check, credit card, and Health Savings Account.

Please email me at [email protected] to inquire if I am accepting clients at this time and to discuss if our availability will match.

I work with 18 and up.

Please see my specific LGBTQ page.

You can expect to be nervous but excited. We spend the first couple of sessions in the “getting to know one another” phase. Most clients describe feeling at ease within 15 minutes of the first session.

This is hard to say, as every session is different. I tailor my sessions to meet each client’s specific needs. Regardless you will experience a warm and accepting environment from start to finish.

This depends on you. Some feel better within the first month and do not feel they need to return. Others may choose to stay for a year or longer. I also have clients who do a “check-up” a couple times a year to ensure they stay on their chosen path.  

I remember being in therapy and thinking, Don’t start crying, don’t do it. I know this is a challenging part of therapy. Through my attachment model training, I have learned to embrace my own tears. So I hope to help you learn to embrace your tears as well. In the long run, being temporarily uncomfortable is a good thing.

Absolutely not. It would be the most beneficial to you not to hold anything back. I understand everyone works in their own pace and I never require or demand a client to tell me something. Everything will be at your free will.

EVERYONE! Even therapists have therapists! Therapy does not mean you are crazy or just “hopeless.” Therapy is about investing in yourself and learning to become the best version of YOU.

The risk and benefit are both the same: change! As we begin therapy, our feelings or perspectives may change. Our relationships with loved ones may change, we may decide to change jobs, or go back to school. It varies from person to person, but typically clients feel much better about themselves and have gained autonomy.

I offer video sessions to Arkansas, Texas, Virgina and Florida residents using a HIPAA-approved platform for security purposes.

Finding the right therapist for you in the most important aspect. I want you to have the therapist who meets YOUR needs, even if that may not be me. Once we meet for our consultation or first session, if it appears we may not be the best fit for one another, I will provide you with referrals for other therapists who may be a better fit. I encourage you to review the rest of my website. If you get the feeling inside that says “wow, she really does get me”, then we are probably a good fit.

Absolutely. I will never acknowledge you in public or share your secrets. However, there are some limits to confidentiality. Please review my informed consent to learn more about when I have to disclose confidential information.

There is not a day that goes by when I wake up and think, Ugh, I have to go to work today. I adore my clients and am passionate about watching them grow into their ideal person. The approach I use is very collaborative. We work together on the same wavelength from day one until completion. My favorite part is helping clients learn how to be human with another human. That’s all we are, human beings, yet we hide behind our shame and pain and avoid letting people see who we truly are. I love seeing the relief people feel when they learn to sit back and just be themselves for the first time in their life.

Absolutely. When I was in therapy, I found it was my favorite part of the week. An entire hour of just getting to talk, or complain, or cry. Just whatever needed to happen that week. I would not be the person I am today without my therapist. I still continue doing “check-ups” as needed when “stuff” comes up.  

No. I am a licensed professional counselor, which means my job is to help you work through your symptoms. The goal is to not need medications someday. During our work together, if you feel you need medication, don’t hesitate to ask. We can discuss options and appropriate referrals for you at that time.

You bet. Arkansas License: P1602018. Texas license: 79885. Florida Out-of-State Telehealth Provider Registration number: TPMC92. Virginia License: 0701011376

Not really. I like to use our time ensuring we stay on the same page throughout the session rather than being preoccupied with notes. But no worries, my brain is a filing cabinet that holds all of the information you share with me. Sometimes we will be in the middle of the conversation and I will say, “Hey do you remember five months ago when you said this? I wonder if this is the same thing that is happening for you now?”

Email:  [email protected]

Hours:  By Appointment Only. Currently have limited availability.