Online Self-Esteem Counseling

Do you feel like you’re the only one who is struggling. The only one who isn’t sleeping at night and spending countless hours over-analyzing situations and every decision? Everyone else seems to just get through life easily. Your biggest fear is being discovered one day, everyone will realize what a failure you really are.  

You want to stop that nagging chatter in your head which is sabotaging but have no idea where to even start. This flawed view of yourself and lack of self-esteem has become exhausting. You’re not the voices in your head; you are the listener. No matter how loud that voice is, you need to trust that you are where you are for a reason. Now it’s time to start making sense of how you got to this place.

I can hear those unspeakable thoughts in the back of your mind whispering “You don’t belong here, they made a mistake, what will I do when they figure me out”. I understand your fear of epic failure.

This voice causes our self-doubt, it’s the core of our anxiety. I am here to tell you that monster in your head doesn’t know shit about you! If you find yourself being your own worst critic, it’s time to turn your inner critic into the bad-ass you truly are. 

As much as you blame yourself, your self-esteem doesn’t lack because you suck. It’s because you’ve never learned how to live freely and confidently for yourself.  

Although it’s hard to even admit, you have issues with trusting yourself. You don’t trust yourself to even try! Learning to not freak out and take things as a grain of salt is one of the most important skills you will ever need.

Part of being a human being is needing guidance for those stubborn areas that still make us doubt ourselves. We all have these trigger areas but no one talks about it. When you realize the limits you put on yourself are quite meaningless, you begin to free yourself of all that negative chatter in your head.

Are you ready to pave a new path and maximize your human potential?

It is exhausting to constantly be pretending and perfecting everything. Imagine a world where you can embrace yourself. It is time to stop pretending to be strong for your job, friends, family or even dog. So far, your worth has come by satisfying others. The days of letting others define you are over. Are you ready to learn to be strong for yourself?

In the back of your head, you are probably thinking “Wow this all sounds so good….. but I am such a failure and can’t be helped”. This is where I tell you let’s try hypnotherapy to get to the surface of your negative self-image. For the first time ever, take some risks and have responsibility for your own happiness. You deserve to learn how to kick-ass at life.

I love working with people who think they suck. It doesn’t matter if you suck at your job, as a partner, or you’re the black sheep of your family, I am here to help you learn to flaunt being the psychedelic sheep that you are.

This is about finding your own value and worth. I want to help you regain control of who you are versus what others want you to be.

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Online Self-Esteem Therapy

My secret power is helping uncomfortable people feel comfortable. Online therapy is awesome for people who are uncomfortable with traditional in person therapy. It allows you to be in the comfort of your own home with your pets, favorite blanket, or whatever it is that helps you feel more at ease.

If you have never shown your true self to someone and have avoided letting anyone see the real you, get ready for that to all change! We will discover and redefine who you truly are.

I am not the therapist for you if you are looking for “fluff”. I am about being 100% AUTHENTIC and want to help you learn to be your authentic self also. So if you need someone to call you out on your shit, it’s this girl!

Don’t wait until tomorrow, next week or next month. You have been miserable long enough. Reach out today for a free 20 minute consultation to determine if we are a good fit for one another. 

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